Athletes also have to adjust themselves and seek help when needed

Date: 2023-11-15, Readers:62
Rookie Connor Bedard has been an influential player since he arrived in the NHL, but he seems to been on a hot streak recently.  

Though he didn't exactly take the NHL by storm, he did show off the skills that made him such a highly regarded prospect in his first few games of the season. While it felt a little underwhelming, the 18-year-old's two goals and four points in his first seven NHL games meant there was no reason to worry. 

Ever since then, Bedard has been playing like he is on a mission.  

Over his last 6 games the rookie scored 7 goals, including a number of highlight-reel material.  
Many people might focus on the media attention and popularity Bedard received, but almost everyone forget that the fact that he is only an 18-year-old teenager and plays for the best Ice Hockey league in the world. The amount of pressure and stress Bedard had to play through every night is unimaginable.  

Right now, the attention and pressure served as a positive motivation for Bedard, making his performance better and better throughout the season. He has the media all around him ever since he was a kid. However, there were also many high-end talents that couldn’t handle all the media coverage and pressure that went the opposite.  

Bedard’s example reminded all the athletes that transferring all the pressure to motivation is obviously the best result, but athletes also have to adjust themselves and seek help when needed.
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